Signal fire fusion splicer AI-6C domestically produced optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly suitable for security monitoring, FTTH household entry and other projects. The machine adopts an industrial CPU with fast response speed and is currently one of the fastest fiber fusion splicers on the market; Adopting a 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen, the operation graphics are simple and intuitive; Up to 300 times magnification, making it very easy to observe the fiber core with naked eyes; 8 seconds of high-speed splicing, 18 seconds of heating, and a 50% increase in work efficiency compared to ordinary splicing machines; A 5200mAh lithium battery can fuse and heat about 160 cores when fully charged. In addition, the fusion splicer can charge your phone, solving the problem of your phone running out of battery during outdoor fusion splicing; Unique lighting design, convenient for night construction or emergency repairs.

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