Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Six motors 、Core alignment

Signal Fire Stripper

8-IN-1 Optical Fiber Stripper


5-in-1 mini OTDR

We exhaust our minds only for extraordinary design and practical manufacturing.

We enable users to achieve maximum results with minimal effort. Signal fire stripper is another effort by us. It combines Miller pliers, two specifications of leather wire stripping pliers, alcohol cleaning cotton,Kevlar scissors, fiber optic rulers, six types of tools, and eight functions into a very lightweight tool, making the users relaxed and comfortable from now on. Signal fire stripper is also a high standard tool, using military grade stainless steel pliers. For the first time, the composite center anti slip shaft system, which is only used for luxury tools, has been applied in the field of optical fiber tools, allowing customers to fully enjoy the production standards of aerospace technology.

Our name is SIGNAL FIRE, and we never plagiarize. We only make inventions

so you can see there are three approved Chinese patents on this Signal fire stripper, one EU patent, and one pending US patent. This is the crystallization of expertise and a feast of knowledge. Signal fire stripper is always worth your appreciation, and we bow here to express our gratitude!

Video playback of SIGNAL FIRE STRIPPER


anti slip shaft system
Wire Stripping Pliers

Wire stripping pliers

Both regular leather fiber and 5G leather fiber can be used

Comes with cleaning cotton

rotatable and replaceable(using 3mm hexagon socket screws)

Intellectual Property